2 x speakers and 1 x sub woofer from just £110! (Plus returnable security deposit)

RCF 712 and RCF 705as-ii speaker package for hire

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This is the perfect speaker hire package for medium sized parties where you want better quality than a just a pair of speakers on stands, and a bit more power to fill the room. The extra bass from the sub woofer will also help to encourage people on to the dancefloor! All in a remarkably portable package so it's ideal for tight spaces, plus it can fit in most vehicles.

Perfect for village halls, garden parties and smaller weddings. Suitable for upto 150 guests.

If you have your own decks/ mixer we can supply you with all the necessary cables for you to connect directly to the speakers. Or if you don't have your own mixer we can supply you with one, plus all the necessary cables for you to connect your phone, ipod, or laptop so you can be the DJ!

The speaker hire package for Medium parties includes the following:

2 x RCF 712 speakers - high quality, very powerful
1 x RCF 705as-ii sub woofer - deep, punchy bass
2 x speaker stands
1 x mini mixer
1 x 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting iPod, laptop or phone
All related power and audio cables

Adding a sub woofer has a huge impact on the overall sound of the system. You not only extend the frequency range via the sub woofer, but you also gain more volume by cutting the low frequencies feeding the top speakers, allowing them to run much more efficiently and therefore clearer and louder. The result is a more balanced sound across the frequency range, and bass notes that you can feel aswell as hear, making it much better for dancing!

If you are looking for speaker hire for larger parties between 150 and 200 people then please check our speaker hire package for Large Parties which includes a second sub woofer for increased power and extra bass required for larger events.

Speaker hire is available for collection from Beckenham. We can also arrange delivery, and set up the equipment if you like. Please get in touch and let us know where and when you would like delivery and collection.

If you are looking for lighting hire we have lighting options available from just £10! We have colourful and fun lighting solutions which are quick and easy to set up. By adding some coloured lighting you can transform your venue and really liven up the dance floor!

If you are a DJ or you need to hire CD decks we currently have a special offer on our CD decks. You can hire 2 x Pioneer CDJ 850's and DJM700 mixer for just £90 when hired in conjunction with any speaker package! Please ask for more details.

If you need PA Hire for bands or an acoustic act, please check out our Acoustic Package, and Band Package for other great deals!