Any 2 x disco lights, tripod stand with T-Bar for just £50!


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Disco light package 1 is perfectly suited to private parties in pubs, marquees and function halls.

The package includes 1 x lighting stand with horizontal T-bar from which you mount the lights.

You can choose any 2 disco lights or lasers from the selection below. The disco lights all vary in their functionality, but their primary function is to add colour, fun and movement on the dancefloor. Choose from sharp beams of coloured light that penetrate the whole room, retro flashing coloured patterns, and lasers that twist and turn for a night club light effect! Please click on the youtube links beneath the image of each light to see them in action.

Please choose from the disco lights below and let us know which two you would like to add to your party!

Lighting hire is available for collection from Big Yellow Storage, Beckenham, BR34AA. We can also arrange delivery, and set up the equipment if you like.

In addition to lighting hire we supply we can also provide speaker hire for parties and weddings, PA Hire for bands, and PA hire for acoustic acts. Please check out our Party Package and Acoustic Package for other great deals!

  • 1 x ADJ Quad Phase HP (£20)

    Produces laser like multicoloured beams that rotate to the music. This is a great room filler for any party.

  • American DJ Revo Burst (£20)

    Highly energetic lighting effect that uses 7 clusters of 42 LEDs that strobe and turn on/off in a synchronised way to appear like fireworks

  • 1 x ADJ Vertigo HEX LED (£20)

    HEX LED offers 20 bright beams which create dots around the room which move around to the sound of music

  • Panoramic Vortex Laser (£20)

    The Panoramic Vortex is a compact and powerful Green and Red laser. With over 100 set patterns, the Vortex will entertain and fascinate for hours without repetition.

  • American DJ Monster Beam (£20)

    The ADJ Monster Beam is a high output Moonflower effect that produces VERY thick beams of light! The beams of light automatically move and flash to the music, creating fat coloured spots on the dancefloor. Please note as with all lighting effects, this lighting fixture will be dramatically improved with the use of a smoke machine, as the beams of light can actually be seen through the air.